About Us

Breathe SXM is dedicated to offering fun and upbeat yoga classes, retreats and trainings all over the beautiful Caribbean island of Sint Maarten/St. Martin.  The joy and peace that comes with the practice of yoga is contagious, so we work with a number of local business and fitness studios in order to increase the spread of yogic compassion and self love to all that we would come into contact with.

at breathe

we believe in flexibility. in strength. and in peacefulness. both on and off the mat.


We believe in the healing power of yoga. We know that yoga is not just physical, rather it includes our thoughts, our perceptions and our habits.  It is health – mental and physical.

We believe yoga is for everyone.  All ages, body-types, nationalities, races, belief systems, for men and women.  For this reason we invite you to be yourself as you are at this moment and join a class.

We believe yoga is individual and it looks different on everyone.  It is not defined by what we see in magazines or on TV.  It is determined by you for you.

We believe in embracing what our bodies can do, not what they cannot.

We believe yoga is not a destination, it is a path.

We welcome you to the Breathe family.  Contact us with and questions, to join a retreat, training or class.