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Do you find yourself wondering “how did I get here?” Whether you’re dealing with a personal crisis, professional issues, or identifying what exactly is holding you back from happiness and peace, coaching with Erica can be a life saver.

Erica takes a wholistic approach to coaching. An ex-corporate lawyer, trained and certified life coach, meditation teacher and yoga instructor, she works primarily with individuals experiencing depression and/or anxiety. She brings the entirety of her experiences to her coaching sessions, helping you to find personal balance based on your own goals. She is equipped with myriad tools for finding peace through meditation, movement, and, importantly, deliberate action in your everyday life.

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What is coaching?

Life coaching is about closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s about working with someone to assist you in achieving particular goals and success in your life and career.  Coaching is not therapy.  Therapy is predominately concerned with the past, while coaching is mostly forward looking.  Coaching is not friendship (though interactions will be friendly, of course). As a coach, I help you to discover what is important to you, what is missing from your life and/or career and what outcomes you’re looking for. I ask questions, listen, reflect back what I hear and challenge you to think constructively to create the transformation you are seeking.

Working with a coach allows you to achieve the outcomes you are looking faster and with significantly less stress and effort. Coaching will increase your confidence levels, self esteem, passion for life, enhance your relationships and create a more focused approach to your life and career.

How can coaching help me?

Coaching teaches you how to:

  • Get clarity about your goals
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Eliminate fear and self-doubt
  • Get focused on what is really important in your life and business
  • Certainty about yourself and a sense of wellbeing
  • Ability to communicate powerfully
  • Tools to turn challenges around
What is the difference between life coaching and professional coaching?

There is not a clear delineation between life coaching and professional coaching because all coaching comes back to creating the life you want.  The most important difference between the two is whether you want to make your career the central focus of your sessions.  This means that it is possible to focus on fitness (e.g., creating a fitness plan that works with your busy schedule) or other important life issues even though you’ve selected professional coaching.

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Below, check out the services and price list and testimonials.



Individual Sessions [45-60 minute coaching session]Individual or loose sessions are possible to develop your approach to a specific issue, or for those who would prefer single sessions to a package.


S-Factor Assessment [20-minute assessment, 75-90 minute debrief with developmental points, follow-up email]Learn where your energy is and how to use it effectively. This assessment will help shift your attitude and perspective to make you more aware of how you are currently using your energy and how this influences your satisfaction with your life. You will learn tools for raising your energy level so that you can live the peaceful, high-energy life.


1-Day Intensive [60-90 minute intensive session, email accountability for one month, One 30 minute follow-up call within 30 days]

Walk away with a plan. If you have a one specific issue for which you would like to develop a plan of attack or work through any fears and concerns, the 1- day intensive is right for you. Such issues may include how to recover from a bruised work image, a strategy for excelling as a junior associate/employee, or whether to transition to another firm/company or another group/practice area. We will systematically walk through the issue, leaving you with excitement, clarity and a clear plan for reaching your goal.

* Add the S-Factor Assessment and debrief for $199


3-Month Commitment [Four 45-60 minute calls per month, email access between sessions]

Support for lasting change. If you want to make serious progress on one or more issues like career advancement, repairing a relationship (be it a personal or professional), finding balance and peace in your personal and/or professional life, or reaching a fitness goal (to name a few), then the 3- Month Commitment option is recommended.* Add the S-Factor Assessment and debrief for $199


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My sessions with Erica helped dispel many of the myths that had been guiding my decisions. A lack of confidence coupled with procrastination kept me paralyzed, always to afraid or too lazy to take many chances. Our conversations helped me to change the narrative playing in my mind. Rather than listing all of the ways or reasons that I might fail, now I ask myself what I lose by trying.

                          T. Brown, Washington, DC

Erica is one of the best coaches out there, and I am so grateful to have found her.  I knew she was a great fit right from the start.  She is an incredible listener and is always so perceptive and insightful.  I had many “ah-ha” moments during my coaching sessions with Erica.  It is so comfortable talking to her…like I have known her my whole life!  I know I can share anything with her without feeling embarrassed or judged.

Erica has a passion for what she does and she inspires me to follow my dreams.  I feel her best quality is that she truly cares about her clients.  She is there for them 100% without fail.  Erica was there for me when I needed encouragement, and she was genuinely happy for me when I reached my goals.

When starting our sessions, I set out to get into shape and simply by talking to Erica and working on changing some old habits, I have already lost twenty pounds.  It wasn’t torture losing the weight either…it was a change of my mindset.  Best of all, I know it is not a temporary fix.  With Erica’s help, I was able to change my lifestyle and love and care for myself as much as I do for others.  This change has positively impacted every other aspect of my life as well, and I cannot thank Erica enough.  That said, Erica and I also addressed other issues and I can honestly say she is capable of handling anything that comes up.  I wholeheartedly recommend Erica as a coach.  She is a true professional.  She is fun, smart, capable, intuitive, and such a natural at what she does.  Thank you for everything, Erica.  You are one in a million!

                           B. Breitmaier, Maryland

A few months ago, I asked Erica to help me achieve a big promotion at work—a promotion that had previously seemed impossibly ambitious.  After just one session with Erica, I was not only sure that I could earn the position, but also aware of the steps that I needed to take to get it.  Personable and efficient, Erica helped me to develop both the tools and mindsets that I needed to succeed.

I was struck by Erica’s interest in my success as a person, and felt confident that she was not only listening to my voice, but internalizing my words.   At one point during our session, Erica stopped me and suggested that we draft and prioritize action steps for the coming weeks and months.  She had recognized through my tone and words that the short-term stress of my job was preventing me from even considering the potential long-term success.  With a to-do list written and scheduled, Erica and I could focus on the long-term traits and mindsets that I needed to develop to succeed.  It took a professional to recognize my needs, address them, and push my thought process further.

After working with Erica, I found that I was able to put all of our efforts into practice, which I attribute to her commitment to sustainable life changes.  Erica encouraged me to seek out changes, actions, and mindsets that were within my comfort zone, and appropriate for my ability, time, and profession.  Because her advice was tailored to me and designed for the long-term, I was able to remain faithful to all of the goals we set.

I recommend Erica’s services for anyone who wants changes in the long-term.  Her commitment to the person, attentiveness to detail, and emphasis on finding what works for the individual guarantees success.

                          L. van Oudenaren, Manderson, South Dakota

It’s been a pleasure for me to have worked with Erica over the past six months. Her energetic insights and perspective are refreshing. She is an incredible listener and insures confidentiality of our discussions while challenging me to think of strategic plans to help me achieve my goals. A friendly and positive attitude makes her an incredible coach.

                           M.E. Waltemire, Hagerstown, Maryland

Having witnessed her coach and having received coaching from her, I can assuredly state that Erica is keenly aware of how to ‘unblock’ the oftentimes stagnate emotional process many humans endure. She is able to use both her intuition and logic to dislodge the block, in order to help her client move forward and closer to action and results.

                          T. Hardin, Los Angeles, California

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