Onboard & Live Aboard Yoga

Would you like to take yoga or meditation classes on your boat or yacht? We’ve decide to offer onboard and live aboard yoga as standing options for yoga and meditation students after receiving a number of requests for yacht services. Onboard private lessons are available daily based on teacher availability. Live aboard options are available for up to four weeks also based on teacher availability. Please feel free to email or call us at +1 (721) 554-3662 or +1 (202) 621-0272. Also, feel free to review Erica Danielle’s Yoga CV for more information on her  specializations and accordingly possibilities for your private practice.


Travel Fee: € 20/$25 per lesson

Sunday lessons: € 60/ $75 extra


One Person, Single Lesson:     € 70 / $85

Two People, Single Lesson:     € 90/$115

3-6 People, Single Lesson:     € 40/$50 per person 


Daily: $650*

Weekly: $3500*

* Includes up to two yoga or meditation classes daily for up to 6 people.



Mat Fee: $50/person*

* The mats remain property of the clients should they wish to keep them.