Teacher Training Reviews

Breathe Yoga Teacher Training Caribbean

Cate Summers
The Netherlands

I wanted to do a teacher training for a long time with the intention of deepening my practice and being able to do yoga independently instead of having to rely on classes. So I came to this training really expecting to focus on asana, flows, and the physical aspects of yoga; and I got all of that. It was fantastic. I learned a lot and I got really strong. We worked for three weeks doing four or five hours of yoga asana everyday, so physically I feel I’ve really gained a certain strength.

But this was so much more than getting physically fit. Erica and Ali put a lot of effort and attention into the mind body connection, your mindset, your thoughts, and how your thoughts create your reality. You kind of rewire how you see yourself and how you think about yourself and your life, and the way to get closer to the life you want to live. That’s the thing you don’t expect. I feel that I was able to resolve some patterns in my life that I had been creating.

Another aspect that I totally did not anticipate was the help that I received with some of the physical issues I had been experiencing through energy healing from Ali. I was able to loosen up tight areas that were affecting my yoga practice. Totally unexpected!

It has been a totally amazing beautiful experience. I feel so light and cleansed both physically and mentally. It was so wonderful.

Thank you so much Erica and Ali!


Iya Bolick
I enjoyed my time at Breathe Yoga Teacher Training. Erica & Ali are very compassionate and they create a very supportive environment for the teachers to share. They also create a mindset that helps us to develop as teachers and appreciate the true meaning of yoga.

The location is beautiful. The sea is close by. The training is quite rigorous but Ali and Erica manage to throw in various experience along the way that continue to make it interesting and informative. A beautiful environment and a lovely practice to develop your potential as a yoga teacher.

Katy Carlin
Chicago, Illinois

I had such an amazing time. Erica and Ali are awesome and inspirational teachers. I have learned so much and these are things that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Erica and Ali were exceptionally organized. We went over everything that we needed to know and really built our confidence so that we can be great teachers. We left knowing better who we really are. I am very happy, I would recommend this teacher training to anyone.


Isabelle Dawn Powell
New York City, New York

I was apart of the Breathe Yoga Teacher program and it was one of the most special experiences of my life. I will take what I’ve learned with me for the rest of my life – through my trials and tribulations and the many great things to come – including medical school which I will start next month. I am also so grateful to the other participants for teaching me about myself and about life. To my instructors, the light in me honors the light in you.

Suha Matar
Toronto, Canada

I just completed my three-week training and I am over the moon. Just a few months ago I was sitting at my computer hunched over and stressed and trying to find this program that’s going to change my life. And while that was a lofty expectation, it nevertheless came true. Erica and Ali have helped facilitate a transformation in my life. There’s not just one aha moment. There are many. I say to anyone considering this program, take the chance. I am so blessed and divinely guided to have ended up at this program. Erica and Ali are with you every step of the program, and they will be with you when it is over. They will help you to realize that this life experience is all about you and it has always been. I highly recommend this training. I’ll be back for the 300-hour training!


Louise Sinclair
Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Huge thank you to Erica & Ali. The training was an awesome. I had my birthday during the training and what an amazing way to start my new year – new year, new life. This training opened my eyes to believing in myself and trusting my intuition. It it helped me get my voice back. i definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone.


Isharda Romney
Saint Martin, French West Indies

I was worried when I started this training because I had just really gotten into yoga. Each day the journey got easier. All and all it was amazing. I worked on myself and I became physically and emotionally stronger. Erica and Ali kept us motivated and guided me through both inner and outer healing. Again, amazing. I feel so lucky to have found this training with these trainers.


Sasha Mall
Johannesburg, South Africa
This has been such a wonderful experience. These three weeks have been wonderful – spent with all the other students and with Erica & Ali going over the asanas, the pranayama breathing, all of talks.

Sitting here right now, I feel refreshed. I feel empowered and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. It’s been truly an amazing experience. I definitely enjoyed my experience with Breathe and I’m so happy to have been apart of this.


Carrie Llaguno
Toronto, Canada
If you’re considering taking a training with lovely Erica and Ali, you will be one of the most fortunate people out there. I came looking for certification. When I got here I realized very quickly that this is a very special place where a lot more happens than just getting your certification. Lots of internal and external healing also happens.
I came in with just a bit of yoga practice, and I was able to learn a lot of amazing techniques on the physical level. But I was also struggling with a lot of physical pain so I felt at the beginning that I was in a very limited space. Within days, a lot of shifts happened thanks to both Erica and Ali. We worked a lot with my physical limitations but also my emotional limitations as well. These two ladies are pretty spectacular people. Lots of healing.
Within a week into the program, I didn’t feel any blockages or limitations because of the way they handled my body and mind with care. Just amazing growth. Now three weeks in, I feel very confident that I can not only teach a class but I can also heal myself and that’s pretty remarkable. I am very grateful to both Erica and Ali for being the most amazing healers. The certification was just the icing on the cake. This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I made really good friends in the program and I feel like I have extended family here now. You should definitely come and try it for yourself.


Kelly Stickney
Florida/St. Thomas
I highly recommend Breathe Yoga Teacher training. This process was not anything I expected a yoga teacher training to be. Erica and Ali showed us everything that you would want and expect from a yoga teacher training – the yin, vinyasa, all the basics, sanskrit, energy balancing, history of yoga.
And they also went above and beyond to help us shine our own lights. They worked one-on-one with us. We did group projects and worked with each other. We really got to know what was holding us back from becoming our fullest potential.
Where ever we go we can take with us what they gave us to shine forth and show others how to tap in to their potential. I’ll come away with many new friends and I know that we will be in touch. We all know the path that we went on with each other and we can always come back to that. We’re ready and very grateful for the experience. You can’t get a better experience than I got here.